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Get ready for the first ever Operapalooza!

The Indianapolis Opera has a new home at 4011 N. Pennsylvania St., and what better way to join the neighborhood than to start a new tradition? Operapalooza promises to be the perfect summer festival, featuring live music, great drinks and delicious food—not to mention wonderful people from across the Indianapolis community. Mark your calendars for Friday, September 11th and Saturday, September 12th.

Operapalooza Lineup

   6:30     Opera Teaser
   7:15     Alligator Blackbird
   8:30     Stereo Deluxe

  11:30     Lady Apollo
  12:45     One Punch Knockout
    1:45     Permacrush
    3:00     Stuart Thompson
    4:00     Great Choruses of Opera
    5:00     Frank Glover and Kihlo
    6:00     Opera Singers Signature Arias
    7:00     40% Steve